Submissions are currently CLOSED.

What we publish:

Flash Fiction:

There is no minimum word count for flash fiction, but the maximum is 750 words (excluding the title), please. You can send up to 2 pieces of flash fiction per submission.


Poems should be 40 lines or less, please (not including line breaks or the title). You can send up to 2 poems per submission.

Short Stories:

Short stories should be between 1,000 – 2,500 words, please. You can send up to 1 short story per submission.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Send all submissions as attachments to our email address:
  • In the subject of your email, please follow this format: Submission – Format – Name. For example, Submission – Flash Fiction – John Doe
  • If you’ve been previously published in the magazine, we ask that you please wait for the publication of another issue to go by before you submit again. (So, for example, if you’re published in Issue One, please wait until submissions are open for Issue Three to submit again).
  • .doc, .docx, or .pdf files only, please
  • Please double-space your submissions, and a 12 pt font of either Arial or Times New Roman is appreciated
  • Absolutely no ableism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, islamophobia, or otherwise offensive language.
  • Profanity and gore is fine, as long as it’s not overly excessive.
  • We are a British publication, so if possible, please try and make sure that your submission/s are edited so that they include British spellings (ie. colour instead of color)
  • All work should adhere to the above theme in some way – (but in what way is up to you!)
  • Simultaneous submissions are more than welcome
  • Both unpublished and previously published work is fine, just make us aware where your work has been published before us so we can give appropriate credit
  • Short biographies of 100 words or less are optional but encouraged. Please include them in the body of your email, alongside a social media link, and/or a link to your website
  • If selected for publication, the editor will amend any spelling/grammar errors if needed. But please try and make sure your submissions are as polished as can be before sending
  • Any questions, feel free to tweet us or send us an email:

Pixel Heart Literary Magazine is dedicated to publishing writers who are disabled, LGBT, and/or writers of colour, as well as writers from a working-class background. All submissions will be considered with great care, however, if writers state in their submission email that they are any of the above, then their submission will be given a little extra attention.

At present, we regret that we cannot offer any payment to writers who are selected for publication. We hope to change this in the future, and if we do, we’ll let you know.

Best of luck with your submission! ❤